Urban landscape is a portrait of society. It is the mirror of society as society. It is the portrait of her effort for collective organization and functionality. And this has two legs: optimizing wealth procedure and optimizing the quality of life as human beings.

The lack of order, care, and organization I was facing was a discomfort to what I perceived as our present and future.

Still, the photographic process remains a redeeming process.

The Labyrinth is a two-dimensional entity. Labyrinth is my need to reconcile with my home city and specifically with the visual clutter of its urban web. And at the same time Labyrinth is the trap that this place has become. Is something that I hope to escape. It’s the challenge to stand in front of something chaotic and photograph something that could be perceived as beautiful, using these same elements that create visual clutter. To make sense, for me, of all this clutter and deformity by turning it into pieces of a puzzle. And then all these pieces to reconsitute in a new form or just form and not mishmash. Through all this personal anxiety to discover something hidden, a hidden pattern – a secret plan, within something that emerged completely randomly, without any design to what is my place, even if that is a Labyrinth.